Knife: Mister Wizard

I got the idea for the sheath after looking at "Its a Burl" website. There is a wood carving on the
home page that caught my eye. I asked Mark if he could please send me the photo of the
carving and he said the carvings were all over his business so he sent me around 10 different
photo's of the various carvings. After studying the photo's for awhile I ended up wanting to do
a composite of a couple different ones besides adding some of myself. At the same time
doubt had crept into my head thinking I'd never be able to pull it off but I went ahead and gave
it a try and I think it worked out. Thanks a lot Mark for the photos.

Knife: Mister Wizard -- View 1

14 1/2" long overall; 9 1/2" W-5 steel blade; curly maple handle and wrought iron fittings.

Knife: Mister Wizard -- View 2

Knife: Mister Wizard -- View 3

Knife: Mister Wizard -- View 4

Here is the underlayer of the sheath, showing how Mister Wizard is laid out.

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