Knives have been an essential tool since the beginning of civilization. They have been used for hunting, carving, eating, self-defense, survival and any other use that you can think off. With all different type of knives out there, how do you pick the right one? 

EDC Folding Knife

Every day carry knives are the essential tool of survival. Which is the best one to carry and how do you choose?

Multitool Knives

All there is to know about multitool knives. Whether you are on the job or on the hunt. Find out what make a great multitool knife and which one fits your style better. 

Tactical and Survival Knives

Hunting & Survival Knives

There is no better tool to have when on the hunt or in a survival situation. But what shape, size or style will help you out the most? Find out right here. 

Learn all about the art of sharpening blade. What technique or tools makes the job easier. Having the right tools and methods will save precious time and blades from being doled or damaged. 


All in the  name of survival

When it comes to being prepared and ready for anything, there is no better tool to have by your side than a knife. 

George Grey

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